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Us in a toolbox.

Bianca Greenwood

In the last few months we have found that home life totally crosses over into small business life. We thought a fun way that we could share a little more of ourselves would be via ONE pic each. And it was haaaaaard!

So here we go! We hope you like our toolkits and the many bits that are in and outside of them.


I had admired (with envy) Lisa's pretty toolbox for a year and it was an awesome surprise to get one of my own for Christmas - in schmick dark grey no less. I would love to have it orderly, but it serves its purpose of keeping little hands out of all the colourful fun stuff.

Candle: This CommonFolk Collective candle is my fav. The timber wick has a gorgeous crackle when it burns and its fresh lemony scent makes my house feel clean, even when it't not! I love working at night by the glow of the candle.

Beach Bits: The beach to me is inspiring and you don't have to look far for the good stuff. I love the lines and texture of beautiful driftwood pieces and this brick must have tumbled in the waves thousands of times.

Found: This old dye jar was from the Mill Markets in Geelong. I love finding pieces that have a story to them and giving them new purpose.

Colourful Ball Thingy: We bought this on our honeymoon from MOMA NY. I loved it for the colours (obviously!), and the fact that you can sit and mindlessly play with it. My kids now love it as well.

Steel Anchor: This was from a denim campaign I worked on a few years ago and I kept a few that were left over - vm perks!

Book Cover: I find furniture history and design fascinating. This book is called 'Eames Beautiful Details'. It has the most incredible triangular pattern on the sleeve. A quote that I love from this book from Ray Eames is "Everything hangs on something else". How relevant that feels right now!

Pom Poms: They do take a lot of time... and make a hell of a mess. but when you wind them up, you also kind of wind down. I love the infinite colour and pattern combo possibilities. 

Book: This book by Paul Arden takes no more than 20 minutes to read (good if you're impatient like me!) and it's SO motivating. 

Diary & Notebooks: Writing and sketching on beautiful paper is such a novelty. It's lovely to feel organised and I do love when things match. Oh and nothing wrong with customising them a little.

Pink Volleys: Lotte had these a week and they've already been attacked by a texta and been well scuffed. I'm actually not a pink person - but i'm a sucker for kids shoes (and colourful socks!).

Lemons: No matter what, I always try to have lemons in the house. Because they are healthy (blah blah!) but also because they look so pretty and bright in a bowl or vase. The same goes for Granny Smith Apples (not included obviously as I was starting to get pretty full here and we can't have a fruit shop).

Pictures: These two motivate and make me laugh constantly. So full of love, life, and their own special sparkle, they make the most of every day = total inspiration.



Washi tapes: You can never have too many washi tapes - right? I have collected A LOT over the past few years. Japan was tape heaven!!!! The variety of colours, widths and patterns was beyond amazing. But if you're local - Page8 Mornington is your place for MT tapes.

Tape Block: This amazing product is from Hay. A must have for any washi tape lover. Check them out here.

Sonny Angels: My Sonny Angel collection boomed when I had my daughter 20mths ago, it was the perfect excuse to purchase them for her... but not really - they're mine! 

Kewpie: I previously lived westside, near the most amazing shop in Yarraville - Invite Me. The sell incredible, authentic Kewpie dolls (like srsly BIG ones). 

Pug Cushion: One of my favourite ever pug purchases (I have two pugs), so i'm a bit of a sucker for any sort of pug collectable. This amazing cushion is from Mini Rodini a couple of years back now. And the Pug has a zip in its belly; all the puppies store inside. SO CUTE!!

Lunch Lady Magazines: This is my all time fav magazine right now. Not only are the recipe ideas amazing, but also the graphics and design of the mag, it's fun and inspiring! + All Australian.

Go To Skincare: THE BEST skincare products on the market. I'm addicted to Face Hero & Exception Oil. Such beautiful products to use - and smell amazing.

Neon Perspex Stars: 'Hello Star Kit' is one of my favourite products of ours. The are so many ways to utilise these little stars that glow. Have a look at them here. They also come in black!

** House Doctor brand toolboxes can be purchased here. Or if you're local to the Mornington Peninsula, Page8 Mornington!


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