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We're Going on an Egg Hunt.

Bianca Greenwood

We'd been looking forward to our Easter photoshoot, pretty much since... Christmas. Really, any excuse to decorate and buy our kids some fancy PJ's!

There is something especially magical about Easter and we think it's all about the element of 'discovery'.

We wanted to capture the wonder of Easter morning. Enter Danielle Trovato amazing photographer and mum to adorable Ruby. If you're not following her dreamy, whimsical Insta feed, then please do so now. She is a total artist!

For us, the element of decoration is where the fun began (and always does!). We thought we'd share some hot tips and tricks to make your decorating experience both super fun, and easy!

  • Proper prep! Seriously, throw those eggs into your own bag or basket the night before. The crazy excessive plastic packaging is for some reason do damn loud when you're trying to bust the eggs out!
  • Set your Sunday alarm. Nope, you can't put them out the night before. There's that whole dogs and chocolate no-no rule and there's too much moisture overnight. Alarms on a Sunday morning are wrong town but this ones a non-negotiable. Cruel, cruel, world.

(Business idea note: next year look at Bunny Delivery Service. Ability to hire an actual person dressed in a bunny suit to come and do the real morning egg hiding. Just like pizza, but w/ more effort).

Some-bunny foot love.

We developed our Bunny foot stencils, to be honest, as our own last minute attempts in years previous were rather poor! The bunny foot shape needs to be just the right size, so voila, we've given it to you!

  • We used plain ol' flour with our stencil to really form the shape - too easy! For a touch of bunny glam, sprinkle some glitter you surely have handy in your cupboard/purse.
  • Try clustering footprints together, to give the idea of little 'hops' in key areas kids should look.

Confetti clues.

Easter is all about the freshest and prettiest of colours. We had fun with a palette of pretty pastels and pop of fruity neons. We added a sprinkling of some sparkles, because y'know, glitter always wins!

  • Again we clustered confetti around the bunny feet. Try using in a delicate trail through the garden, or on a path. Colour captures kids attention, so use it as a clue.
  • You may even wish to sprinkle some in ugg boots, under a breakfast bowl - get creative. Kids will adore the surprises throughout the day if they keep finding places the Easter Bunny has been. Are we a bit mad for confetti? Yes. You can vacc it up and it's prettier than your normal floor mess surely!

Pop 'n Hop.

Poppers are just plain old good fun! When kids have the power to launch something a couple of metres in the air, you know you're onto a winner.

Also, they're the coolest of clue holders for Easter. You may want to place one at the end of their bed. Fill poppers with whatever you want. Write a clue in a folded up message or even place some eggs inside with confetti for a surprise. Get creative and thoughtful.

See the Signs.

By now, you know we love a bit of neon in ours lives. Always. Our signs are made to give you a bit of popper decoration to your egg hunt morning.

  • They're designed to go in the garden. Hold firmly at the base and dig them on in.
  • You can personalise them a bit if you're craftily inclined - sticky dots are fun, tie a bow, a pom pom or use paint pens to write a cryptic message. Fun!
  • Our kids have obviously seen these stakes a million times already, so rather than keep them as a surprise, you can even make more use of your kit the day/s before. Let your kids place them through the house/garden in spots THEY want the Easter Bunny to go. Take charrrrge little ones!
  • Oh and they're also fun to use as stencils too! Ahhhh the endless possibilities!
  • For those with our Easter kits, you can use the shredded white paper as well. Pull apart the nest of shred and sprinkle confetti through. The shred is also fun for table displays for Easter breakie, brunch or lunch. Yup our Kits just keep on giving.

Make it your own.

We are massively fond of a treasure map - but everyone's house is different, so this one we couldn't provide you with! We suggest wizzing down to the newsagent and grabbing some card and going to town. Don't worry if it's not an artistic masterpiece, it's about; 1. The Hunt, and 2. The chocolate. They'll love references to their own house and garden. Pop in a few 'x' marks the spot points and they'll probably keep it for weeks to come. Until you mysteriously bin it, lets be honest!

If you've purchased an Easter Egg hunt Kit, please do share your Easter morning with us and tag us in on all the fun! @hellokitco

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