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Bianca Greenwood

We've been up and running now for a few months and it's definitely been a whirlwind of poppers, pom-poms and Perspex!

We started off our little business (as usual) with more ideas than we could handle. Boards worth of pins which were a whole lot tidier than years worth of magazine tears, boxes of craft paper, fabrics, feathers, sequins, ribbon, props... everything that was a cool colour, texture, or inspiration.

We (that's us, Lisa and Bianca) started working together 5 years ago. We were kind of thrown together and things just worked, always. We had the fortune of being able to have creative freedom. Strategic - sure, and lots of pressure, but being able to rock up to work each day, problem solving via creative exploration. It was something that we will both always be grateful for.

We are both Visual Merchandisers. For those not within the industry, we are usually met with blank stares when we mentioned our jobs. Simply, we were the creators and executers of ideas. We have tool boxes, and yep we have drills, but also crazy amounts of tape and pins, as well as glue guns, fishing wire and too many pairs of jeans ruined by paint. We make things pretty, but the process was mostly always messy and the days often so long! But we have always been driven by a vision and a passion to create. And we love it!

Working with kids product exposed us to colour and fun! We were able to think how kids thought - our concepts were uninhibited and at times a little bit out there. Sure, they were often toned down when campaigns launched, but together we loved to source, design and make props. To bring spaces and ideas to life, that we (and hopefully others!) were inspired by.

We had a blast at work and lots of laughs! And when you hit a place like that, you know that surely you are on the right path... to something! But admittedly it took us a fair bit more time to work out what that was.

Pressing what feels like a big-old fast forward button to 5 years ahead, 3 kids (between us) later and a giant leap back across to the Mornington Peninsula, we had ideas busting to get out. We needed to be creative! It was a highlight to wrap a present for a friend, or execute a well planned Christmas tree theme, but MY GOD we needed more!

So 2016 was the time for us. No doubt over the last few years, there has definitely been a surge in popularity in terms of craft and styling, particularly in decorating for bedrooms, birthdays... anything.

We had some awesome contacts and they really helped us get things rolling. We started to develop products using what and who we knew. We wanted to curate a range that would make decorating for celebrations, gifts, and homes, unique. Most importantly, we wanted to develop products that nobody else was. We packaged them in 'kits' that allowed for multiple uses... and so Hello Kit Co. was born.

Ahhhhh it sounded so simple! My GOD have we learnt a lot in just a few months! Telstra you kill us with your crappy reception, Big Cartel why don't you have a 'Local Shipping' option? New web and email addresses gave us chest pains!

We are a seriously small local business that has been so incredibly supported via our new little Instagram community. We have discovered that you're just like us. You get a kick out of creating and a buzz for making a gift or occasion something special with your own unique touch. We have been inspired by your creativity! We are still chuffed with every order that comes through.

Hello Kit Co. allows us to create and share, and how cool is that! Our kids get stuck into the confetti, don't much like going to the post office, but reckon it's cool when they can pop a popper for a Boomerang Vid we try and take with one hand. We get to be with them every day. We know how lucky we are.

Thank you for being part of our journey so far. We were a little bit cringey and reluctant to write about ourselves (we are totally behind the scenes people obviously!), but it's possibly one of those new things that we have to do. But this has surely not been as bad as adding up all of our receipts in Excel. Or tying 400 jingle bells to sacks and stockings by hand.

We have some awesome kits and bits coming your way for Easter, we can't wait to show you and we can't wait to see what you do with them too!


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