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Think Pink.

Bianca Greenwood

It would be remiss of us to begin, without using the words 'think' and 'pink' within the first paragraph. Because frankly, #PerfectRhyming and according to ever-reliable Google (when conducting ALL research technical or otherwise), there is a LOT more to pink than we may have given our prettiest, floral friends credit for...

When I found out I was having a baby girl, I was of course thrilled, but terrified of the 'pink' factor. I didn't quite go for a blanket- ban on the colour, but let's just say I've always been a bit... cautious of it. In a very grey marle with a subtle 'hint' of pink way.

Lis on the other hand was alllllll about it. Blush, salmon, dusty and neon - basically all of them! I loved her unequivocal passion, but honestly didn't get it. Maybe now I do. My Hello Kit Co. experience has been one of learning, acceptance and... eventually LOVE for this flossy flavor.

Mostly, pink is lighthearted in princess-fairy-ballet, fluffy-bunny sweet way. Maybe that's why I wasn't so keen. It has a kind of innocent or naieve stigma.

I think maybe in highschool she was the type of girl I didn't like so much. But that's my own failing for misunderstanding. She is superficially pretty, but once you start to know her, she is actually super fun, complicated and contradictory. She has a story and it is a complex one.

When researching colour psychology a bit (again thank you Google*), our pinky-pal is also evidently the type to be easily influenced by others.

When paired with white she is innocent, but with violet or black she apparently becomes associated with eroticism and seduction. Well hello pink minx! Production Note: No pom poms with this colour combo in future.

Pink can be both stimulating and totally calming. History and culture both make some interesting claims on its heritage.

In Japan for example, pink cherry-tree blossoms are said to represent fallen Samurai warriors. A pretty masculine take on the colour.

Yet in Western society, pink and its girly cultural relevance is pretty much a post-World War 2 phenomenon. As men reclaimed the workplace and women were once again home with their babies, the female life was all about shiny pink appliances, pink shampoos and delicate feminine fashion. With a big pink bow on top. Women were tickled pink, surely.

The '50s and '60s were full of perfect pink moments, from the strawberry-colored Chanel suit Jackie Kennedy wore on the day JFK was assassinated to Marilyn Monroe's hot pink strapless dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Being a child of the mid 80's I was emersed in HOT PINK. She was crass, bold and errrrrrrrywhere. Cue the onset of my pink paranoia.

I mostly blame Disney's merchandise mega millions they must have made from foul plastic toys. This kind of pink, at the time, seemed like it was there to help differentiate girls and boys toys and fashion.

Clearly I am not along here in my "pinkist" problem. Photographer JeongMee Yoon was "feeling overwhelmed by pink. She posed her young daughter in the middle of all the pink things that she owned and called the photograph Seo Woo and Her Pink Things".

JeongMee you have done the world a favour by putting all of this hideous hot pink in one room. If only the rest of the world would follow.. Now please just quietly close the door behind you, padlock it and we can continue our mature discussion.

So I worked it out. Hot pink, you are the red cordial that doesn't have enough water added. YOU are my problem. NOT all the others in the pink girl gang. I do really like pink afterall. Just not THIS kind of pink. And I'll stand by this still.

We are not shy to embrace some 'Millenneal pink' (yes this is an actual name!) into our Scandi inspired homes these days and hey, even the guys don't mind it.

The blunt fact is that pink, in its many variations, is LOVED. From a retail perspective, it sells product. In our Insta-filtered times, pink is flattering to everyone. We have trans-models, gender neutral clothing lines. Pink is powerful too - think Breast cancer Awareness, Gay Rights, and the 2017 Womens marches. It is not what it used to be. It is no longer a stereotype.

My pink problem is now isolated. Pink is a whole lot of fun and a friend whose many shades I now do embrace. Hot Pink aside, it has been such a fun colour that seems to totally resonate with our new friends and followers. Consider me now officially and far less cautiously on board!

* We refuse to acknowledge any actual sources, as this blog would start to feel like actual homework and not be fun.

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