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Pom Pom Winter Woolies

Bianca Greenwood

Winter is the perfect time for craft, when being stuck in doors is actually an advantage. Making poms is an activity for everyone, no matter what age. But word of warning - they can be addictive!

By now you know our passion for the POM! We were so pumped to launch our Pom Maker Donuts this month, because we knew that you'd love them as much as we do. And they WORK!

The great thing about pom-makers, is that they make the pom process so much quicker and easier. No more cutting cardboard rings!

These days, it takes no more than 3-5 minute to wind a pom pom. Seriously! We thought it was an opportune time to let you in on some of our learnings from an intense few months of making. You'll be a pom-pom pro in no time!


The cool thing about poms is that virtually anything goes. If you can get wool scraps of a metre or more - take them. Mixing colours and thicknesses of wool doesn't matter either. We will say though, the thicker the wool, the quicker the wind!

If you've got a particular design in mind, don't feel like you need to spend big on quality. Synthetic yarns are fine and work just as well. Lincraft and Spotlight have a huge array of colours, or even try knitting or yarn stores online, for quick and easy delivery.


Make it snippy: Don't try making poms without really sharp scissors. For us, small embroidery scissors are the go. You shouldn't have to 'hack' at the wool, your scissors should easily glide through the tight winds.

All tied up: Tying your pom with something strong is key. Using wool to tie is mostly ok, but it can snap. You want to be able to secure the wool as strongly, and tightly as possible. We use either bakers twine or a fine waxed thread.

Wind a bunch at once: Speckled or confetti poms are super popular, but without spilling all our secrets, we will say, that they're pretty much the easiest! Depending on size, we gather 5-6 lengths of wool at a time to wind. It's SO quick and efficient and your sprinkles will be spread evenly and balanced.


Get DIY inspired with some winter pom-spiration here:

Pom-Maker have the ultimate in tutorials! We are talking some seriously technically amazing projects! Check them out here!

@hey.pom have the most insta-inspiring feed where "Pom Pom dreams come true". They describe themselves as featuring pom-art. SO pretty!

@pompomstom OK get ready for some pom-perfection. How DO they get them so perfect!? We adore!

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