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Llama-Rama Sprinkles

Sucre Sprinkles

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Llama-Rama Sprinkles
Llama-Rama Sprinkles

Llama party - no problama!! Sprinkles by Sucre Sprinkles!

A super fun mix of lavender, purple, turquoise, lime green, orange, pink and blue jimmies, orange and light pink perils, cachous, pearls, dragees and of course... candy shaped llamas! 

Ingredients: Sugar, milk solids, wheat, gluten, fractionated palm kernel oil, corn syrup corn starch, glucose, soy lecithin, carnauba wax, HPMC, FD&C artificial colors, gum arabic, sodium benzoate, mica based pearlescent pigment.

120 grams of custom blended sprinkles supplied in reusable glass jar packaging.

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